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Web Design

A company's website is normally the first chance they get to create an impression on a potential customer. Therefore it's vital to make sure it looks good, is easy to navigate, tells the customer what they want to know and encourages them to use your services.

I take the time to understand my clients' businesses, their aims for their website and their budget, before producing a solution that fully meets their requirements. I don't blind those I work for with technology or sell them more than they require. I offer an honest, reliable and efficient service and look to build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

Have a look at my Portfolio and, if you'd like to discuss your requirements, please drop me a line.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial if your potential customers are going to be able to find you.

SEO is an inexact science and can appear daunting, but using simple modern techniques I will give your website the best opportunity to perform well in natural search results. All websites I design automatically have SEO techniques apply, but the site will need regular updating if performance is to be maintained.

If your business is in a very competitive industry, or you need your website to start performing well in search engine results quickly, you may like to consider Pay Per Click Marketing.

Pay Per Click Marketing

If your organisation operates in a very competitive industry, or you need to begin driving traffic to your website quickly, setting up a Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) campaign would be worth considering.

PPC campaigns can be one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing as it is highly targetted - your adverts are only seen by people who are already looking for your product or service, and you only pay if a potential customer clicks on your advert. The information gained from your PPC campaign can then be used to make your natural search engine optimisation more efficient which should reduce your overall cost in the long-term.

If you'd like to find out how I can help with your PPC campaign, please get in touch.

Copy Writing & Proof Reading

Using the right words and images on your website are as important as a strong layout when it comes to creating a good user experience.

You know your business best, so might prefer to write your text yourself (I can provide advice on writing for the internet). However, if you don't feel comfortable writing your copy, I can write it for you. Regardless of who writes your text, I will proof read it to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors.

Sourcing high quality images can be expensive, but is well worth the expenditure. I am equally happy to work with any high quality images you can provide, or if you do not have any I can either source some for you or put you in touch with a suitable photographer, artist or graphic designer.

I am also happy to provide a copy writing and proof reading service for print copy.

Domain Name Registration

A domain name (URL) can also have a considerable effect on the image your website portrays. The wrong domain name could create the wrong impression of your organisation, attract an undesired audience or bring you into conflict with another organisation.

I will help you choose the right domain name(s) for your website and secure them for you at very competitive rates.

Web Hosting

I am able to provide a comprehensive range of hosting packages at very affordable prices. Whether you need the most basic hosting available or hosting for a fully e-commerce enabled website I can help.

User Testing

It is very important to test a website as thoroughly as possible throughout the design process, and continue to do so once it has launched. It is often the case that a client and designer can become too close to a project to see usability and structural issues, and having a site tested by a number of people completely unconnected to the project can reveal many useful and unpredictable results.

Whether you want your site to receive a general test out or would prefer the testing to concentrate on a specific aspect of its layout or functionality I can help.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.